Do you want to learn to tec dive?

Helldivers is a technical diving school and club. Just in case you were wondering, we're named after a type of WW2 dive-bomber, which hopefully makes us sound less scary. We can teach you to tec dive in sidemount or backmount all the way up to full trimix. Then you can come on holiday with us and have fun. Still want to know more about who we are? Call us on +44 7961 953468 or check out the About page.

Hey you!
You there with the single tank...

Step away and come over here. Do you want to see cool stuff? Do you want to explore and perhaps go where other people have never been? Well that single tank is like bringing a knife to a gunfight my friend. OK, bad analogy as we all know what happened to Sean Connery in the Untouchables. So tec diving isn't actually anything like being in a 80s gangster movie but whether you want to improve your dive skills, go deeper or just find a new challenge then tec diving is the answer. Click on the courses link to find out more.

Deep diving adventures on the high seas!

Do you want to hang out with lots of hairy men? Then you've come to the wrong place* Yes, we all love to stand around and talk about flanges and hose lengths before coming to blows in a pub car park over whether to sidemount or backmount but there's more to Helldivers than that. We're still working on exactly what that is but in the meantime you should definitely come along and help us figure it out. We do trips abroad and here at home: We know that diving off the coast of the UK can be a little like paying to be verbally abused and then almost killed but we do things very differently here. Think group dive plans, proper briefings and no solo diving for a start. Sounds good? Then read on.

*Please note Helldivers cannot be held responsible for the amount of men and proportion of hair on said men at one of their events