Why Become a PADI Tec Instructor?


Why Become a PADI Tec Instructor?

Becoming a tec instructor is not for everyone but for those with the ability and interest it’s an incredibly rewarding experience that not only broadens the range of courses you can teach but also gives you plenty of useful skills you can apply to your recreational courses too. Becoming an entry level tec instructor is also not as difficult as you might think.

A PADI Tec Instructor is able to teach the Tec 40 rating which is a brilliant introductory tec course that really bridges the gap between tec and rec. It can be taught in a variety of ways to suit the centre you work with. Many instructors, myself included, use the course as a means of teaching basic tec skills and dive planning as well as introducing the standardised technical rig (either backmount or sidemount) but what you may not know is that the course can also be taught using a 15l single tank and pony set up. Tec 40 divers are qualified to dive to 40m and manage up to 10mins of deco with the option of using a stage of up to 50% nitrox to pad their decompression.

Tec 40 can be a very popular addition to the courses that a dive centre teaches without getting into full blown technical diving.

To qualify for Tec Instructor training you’ll need the following pre-requisites:

  • PADI MSDT with nitrox and deep specialities.
  • Qualified as a Tec 45 diver or equivalent.
  • At least 100 dives where 20 dives were made with enriched air nitrox, 25 dives were deeper than 18 metres and at least 15 dives were deeper than 30 metres.

To apply for the rating you will also need to have logged 20 staged deco dives.

To complete the course you’ll need to take part in the following

  • Complete the knowledge reviews for the student level course and then the exams for Tec 40 and 45. You’ll also need to complete the Tec Instructor exam
  • Complete some of the practical applications from the tec courses like equipment set up and dive planning both manually and using software.
  • Conduct some of the student level dives again from both Tec 40 and 45.
  • Complete an instructor level skill circuit demonstrating key skills to a score of 4 or higher
  • Take part in a ‘mini IE’ where your skills and understanding of key parts of the theory are evaluated.

The whole course takes about 3-4 days to complete.

Costs wise, the course is £550 excluding course materials (approx £45), dive site entrance, gas fills and application.

Large portions of the course can be run alongside existing student level courses and you’ll of course be welcome to come along and team teach on subsequent courses for practice too.

For more information please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!