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The Scuba Diving Kessel Run, it’s free and it’s for charidee..

  On the 6th of Jan next year come and test yourself against the ‘Ultimate Scuba Challenge’* with the Wraysbury Kessel Run. The idea is… Read More

Winter Specials: Big savings on Tec courses!

With the coming economic and literal apocalypse you may be thinking that there’s little point in spending money on frivolous activities like tec diving. Surely… Read More

Pull out Wedge, you can’t do any good back there.

I had an entertaining day with a customer recently, working on some skills and drills and as part of the day he asked me to… Read More

‘Should I be a d*ck?’ The armchair divers guide to commenting on someone else’s social media post.

You stand poised at the keyboard full of righteous indignation- I mean have these guys even heard of horizontal trim?! But wait- how do you… Read More

What’s involved in a trimix course?

Having just completed another excellent trip out to Malta I thought it might be useful to write a short post about what’s involved in completing… Read More

How to get the Sitech Antares dryglove system to work or how I learnt to pass on the #dryglove lurgey.

Before any young japester comes along and comments that the way to avoid problems with the sitech system is to use KUBI, I am well… Read More

Your Scuba Horoscope

Could the date of your birth and the relative positions of stars and planets somehow influence your personality and future? The answer, as anyone over… Read More

Kit review: Bare Drysuit Expedition HDC

A little pre-amble: I recently got the privilege of a bit of a VIP visit to the Bare factory in Malta organised by Mike Reynolds… Read More

How will Brexit Affect the UK Dive Industry?

As the date looms and the debate rages across social media one thing has become clear, very few people actually know what the EU does… Read More

Trydives: Sidemount vs Backmount, the Return.
Trip date: Mar 26/27

After the success of last year’s try dives there was only one problem: The results were a tie meaning that we still don’t know whose… Read More