The Scuba Diving Kessel Run, it’s free and it’s for charidee..



On the 6th of Jan next year come and test yourself against the ‘Ultimate Scuba Challenge’* with the Wraysbury Kessel Run. The idea is that, in the interests of having a bit of semi-competitive fun, you’ll be able to have a go at a kind of underwater obstacle course. Points will be awarded in various categories. It’s also completely free except for a voluntary contribution to Project Aware and of course entrance and gas fills.


The Kessel run takes place at the Wraysbury cave system and consists of the following:   Each contestant must line off through the cave system until it doglegs. At that point they will remove a stage cylinder before continuing. At a specified point there will be a silt-out simulated with a mask cover (it’s too cold to be taking your mask off, it’s supposed to be fun after all)… The contestant must then exit the cave maintaining contact with the line, retrieve their stage and dealing with a little surprise on the way.


Besides the time taken (measured in parsecs, of course) to complete the task, each contestant will score points out of 5 in the following categories:

  • Buoyancy
  • Problem Solving
  • Looking good


That means that if you’re super quick but basically all over the shop you’ll lose points for finesse. Calm and steady will win the race!


The prize for the winner will basically just be the love and adulation of your peers unless I can get my arse in gear and find a supplier willing to donate something. PADI wristband anyone?   Also, you don’t need to be a teccie to take part and we’ll run workshops on some of the required skills beforehand.


*Please note that the word ultimate is used in a theatrical and entirely unrealistic way