Tec Sidemount

This is the full Tec Sidemount course where you'll learn all about tank handling, equipment set up and sidemount tec skills. Sidemount is an excellent tec diving tool allowing you to handle multiple tanks and also dive streamlined and comfortably in trim. You can check out our blog on sidemount vs backmount diving if you want to find out more!

What Happens?

The Tec Sidemount Course takes 4 days to complete and covers all core tec skills pertinent to Sidemount diving. We run through buoyancy, finning, kit configuration, stage handling and mounting, shutdowns and gas donation.

Just like standard Sidemount, Tec Sidemount requires a lot of attention to detail when it comes to kit configuration and we spend a lot of time ensuring that we get this right.

The first day consists of the equipment setup and theory

The second day we will work on equipment configuration again and complete a shallow orientation dive

The last 2 days consist of the 4 open water qualifying dives. The last two dives simulate full Sidemount decompression dives. Over the course of the open water dives you'll learn about gas management, shutdowns, gas sharing and buoyancy skills including specialised fin kicks like reverse and frog kicks. In addition we will also cover Sidemount stage management and gas switching.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Nitrox and Deep Qualification
  • 30 Dives
  • 18 years old
  • Medical form signed off

Additional Important Info:

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