TEC 45

Tec 45 is where you'll start to step up as a tec diver. Whilst the equipment configurations are the same as those you've used for Tec 40, you'll be qualified to complete unlimited deco using a single stage with up to 100% O2 as your deco gas (although you wouldn't want to do that really)...

What Happens?

The course takes 3 days to complete: The first day is a day of theory, equipment set up and a skill circuit dive. The second day consists of skill circuits where we'll really hone the basic tec skills like shutdowns, gas sharing and gas switching. On the last day, you'll do a simulated deco dive and then a full qualifying deco dive. You'll also be able to combine sidemount with this course if you want to change over from diving backmount  at an entry level.

Course Prerequisites:

  • 50+ dives
  • Medical form signed off
  • Tec 40 or Similar
  • Rescue Diver qualified
  • Minimum age: 18

Additional Important Info:

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