Winter Specials: Big savings on Tec courses!


With the coming economic and literal apocalypse you may be thinking that there’s little point in spending money on frivolous activities like tec diving. Surely I should be digging an underground bunker and filling it with tinned goods you might think?

In fact not only is that a fruitless endeavour but I am hatching a plan to do a dive that involves so much deco that when I surface Trump will no longer be president and Brexit will have been reversed.

How do I join you on this dive? Surely that will cost lots of money you think? Have no fear, as I have some winter specials specifically designed to part you with your cash before 2018 so that I will be able to continue my netflix subscription over Christmas:

The ‘Double-Down Deal’:

Unlike sandwiching a piece of cheese between two rancid pieces of battery chicken the Helldivers ‘Double Down Deal’ saves you £100 when you book 2 consecutive tec courses. For example:

Tec 40 and 45: Was £900, now £800

Tec 45 and 50: Was £900, now £800

Sidemount combined with a tec course: Was £600 now £500

The ‘Dive-Friend Deal’

Dive-Friend! Rope a buddy into your exploits and save another £50 per course. For example if you and aforementioned friend book Tec 40 and 45 together you’ll both save £200 over the total price of the courses and get them for just £700. Now that’s a bargain!

Self Reliant Student and Instructor Course Combined Jan 20/21

This was a big success last year so I’m repeating the offer. 2 days at Wraysbury covering the self reliant course for just £200.

Some Terms and Conditions…..

  • All courses must be booked and paid for by the end of Dec 31st
  • Dates can be agreed upon anytime for 2018.
  • Combined courses will be run consecutively. For example a combined tec 40/45 course will run over 5 days typically on a Wednesday to Sunday. It won’t be possible to run the courses solely over weekends.
  • The ‘Dive-friend deal’ only counts when you are bringing along the additional student. The discount won’t apply if I run 2 separately booked ‘Double-Down Deals’ over the same period. Also dependent on the course there may be up to a maximum of 3 students
  • Prices exclude the normal stuff (ie entrances, course materials, gas fills etc). A full list can be found on the website.
  • The Self reliant deal is dependent on a minimum of 2 students.
  • The Self reliant deal is the same price if you already have the student certification and will run over the same 2 day period.
  • When you book the deal, I’ll ask you to like the new facebook page and share it too (please give me a thumbs up, please).
  • There maybe more, I can’t think of any yet.